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Coffee Brewing Chart

Coffee Brewing Chart

At your next big get-together, block party, birthday bash or fundraising function make sure that you rent large coffeepots!
These will really come in handy when everyone wants a cup of coffee, your 12-cup capacity coffeepot just won't make it!

Remember - Always start with cold water!

Desired Amount of ServingsCups of CoffeeBrewing Time
906 1/4 cups50 minutes
845 1/2 cups47 minutes
724 1/2 cups 42 minutes
604 cups36 minutes
482 1/2 cups32 minutes
362 cups28 minutes
241 1/2 cups23 minutes

Coffee Urns available to for rent at Grand Rental Station of Middletown
Coffee Maker 55 & 90 Cup

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