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How to Use Chafer Dish

How to Use a Chafing Dish

At your next big get-together, block party, birthday bash or fundraising function make sure that you rent chafing dishes! Just think of the time you'll save warming the food and the easy serving capabilities your guests will have when they can serve themselves.

Operating Instructions

Chafing Dish and Urn (Using Sterno Type Heat)

1. Do not use anything but Sterno type fuel in the burner.

2. Never light the burner unit before putting liquid into the water pan, urn or kettle body. Low flame is sufficient to maintain proper heat.

3. Do not put unit on a hot stove or an open flame.

4. Stainless steel food pans can be used for cooking. They can also be placed in the oven to keep food hot.

5. Chafing dish water pans should be filled with hot water. Check water pan when in use to insure sufficient water is contained at all times. Do not use without water.

Use of Sterno Pry the lid off of Sterno and set Sterno container into the head cup. Light Sterno and adjust lid of heat cup at approximately 1/2 open. One can of Sterno should last from 1 to 1-1/2 hours.

Cleaning Instructions
Before returning chafing dish, scrape and wash food pans. Wash chafing dish and urns in lukewarm water and mild detergent. Never use harsh abrasives.

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Chafing Dish

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