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Privacy Notice


May 1, 2010

Our Commitment To Privacy

Our Privacy Policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we gather and use your personal information in connection with our content, advertising, e-commerce, promotional and service programs and other business activities (the “Program”) and to help you in making informed decisions when using our website and our products and services and the websites of our participating advertisers.

The Information We Collect

When you visit our website we may collect 2 types of information: (a) personal information that you actively choose to disclose and (b) information about you which is collected automatically by our servers or that is obtained from third parties in a way that is not visible to you.

(a) Information which you actively volunteer to provide. By choosing to participate in our Program, you must become a Member by disclosing the following information, such as: your email address, name, address, phone number and birth date. During the process of registering on our website, participating in various offers, completing surveys, or sending us emails or correspondence, we may collect additional information that you may wish to disclose, including for example mobile telephone number, fax number, types of payment information (e.g., credit card number and billing address if applicable), credit information, social security number, health information and personal preferences regarding lifestyle, products and/or services.

(b) The passive information that may be collected automatically by our servers or obtained from advertising third parties. We collect some information about you simply because of you connecting to our website. Our servers automatically identify your computer by its internet protocol (IP) address, which is a unique string of numbers that is assigned to your computer by your ISP (internet service provider). Additionally, in order to participate in our program or parts of out program you must allow cookies to be active on your computer system. Cookies are a feature of web browser software (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, and others.) that allows web servers to recognize which computer is used to gain access to a website. Cookies simplify followup interactions on our website and simplify your transactions on related website pages. Information that is collected with cookies may include the date and time of your visit(s), the website pages you viewed, the time spent at each page, and the websites you came from just before and just after visiting our website. You are able to disable the functionallity of cookies by following the instructions supplied in the help section of your chosen browser. Pleases note that by doing so it will likely make it impossible for our systems to recognize you properly when you visit our websites, and as a result may make your participation in our program and websites more difficult or maybe even impossible. In addition to the information that you provide to us or that is collected automatically from our systems, we may also obtain information about you from our marketing or advertising partners or other third parties, and we may combine that information with the information that you actively provide or which is automatically collected by our servers.

The term “Information” is used in this privacy policy and refers to both types of information that is described above, as well as any information which you provide to us directly by telephone (including any telephone number displayed through the use of caller ID), text messaging or SMS message, U.S. postal mail or through any other written or oral communication with us.

How We Use And Share The Information That Is Collected

We use your information to helpwith and administer our business activities, provide customer support services such as technical support, relay information about changes and additions to our website, and send to you, and enable others to send to you, information about products and services that could be of interest to you and to contact you, or to use your Information for other purposes. We will send communications to you ourselves, and your information may also be shared with other organizations and companies that may contact you for any purpose by email, phone, U.S. mail, text message, or any other provided means of communication.

NOTICE OF OPT-IN: By Participating, You Expressly “Opt In” To Receive Information From Us And Grant Us Permission To Share Your Provided Information

By signing up for our Program you willingly opt in to receive future information about products and services from us and from a wide variety of advertisers to whom we may provide your willingly provided information. We will share your personal information with some third parties, including our advertisers, for any reason that we choose, including, without limitation, the following purposes: (1) to operate our Program (including, but not limited to, the transfer of the information to advertisers or to any third parties who maintain on our behalf a list of persons having willingly registered with our Program), (2) to permit advertisers or other any third parties to use your information for any purpose such as contacting you by email, U.S. mail, phone, text message or any other means of communication electronic of physical for any purpose, (3) to confirm that you have completed all necessary steps to receive gifts promised, and (4) as we are required to do by law, including the necessity of notify the IRS that you received your gift. By Law and because of this, we will transfer your information to third parties whose privacy policies and privacy practices are beyond our control.

Additonally, in the event that we consider a transaction involving the purchase of or sale of our assets or stock, other companies may review our existing records, including your own information, to make business decisions about continuing the transaction. Likewise, your Information may be transferred to other third parties in the event of the sale or acquisition of our company or any of its individual assets. Parties who perform services for us (credit card processors, merchant banks, or our internet service provider (ISP), among others) may also have access to your information in performing their various services.

The Information You Provide Directly To Our Advertisers -- A Special Note

You will be able to access certain advertiser’s websites through our website. When you choose to opt to receive information or choose to sign up for an offer from an advertiser from our website, you may be doing so through a third party website and with other companies which we have no control over. You should read those websites’ privacy policies for your own protection and to make sure you agree to them before using any such websites or programs. If it is your choice and you wish to opt out of any specific advertisers’ mailings, you must do so on your own and directly with each advertiser or mailing or as otherwise provided on or through their individual websites.

Your Information -- Security Considerations

We use reasonable technical efforts in order to prevent the unauthorized access or disclosure, or the accidental loss or destruction of your Information. However, almost all Internet transmissions pass through many servers that are not controlled by us, and therefore we are not able to guarantee that any information you provide us or that we collect will not be intercepted or altered through that transmission. Also, as noted above, your Information may be shared with third parties whose privacy policies and practices are out of our control.

How You Can Choose To Opt Out And Stop Receiving Further Information About Our Products And/Or Services

If at any time you no longer wish to continue recieving further information about products or services that we offer and wish us to no longer provide your Information to third parties, you may make the choice to “opt-out” through the Unsubscribe/”Opt-Out” page of our website or by a written request that is sent by U.S. mail to our Customer Service Manager at the following address:
Grand Rental Station
388 East Main Street
Middletown, NY 10940

Or if your are a subscriber to our newsletter, by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link in our newsletter emails.

We will promptly update our records when we receive your clear instructions to "opt-out", however, it may take up to ten (10) business days from the receipt of the request in order the change to become fully effective. If you later give us a clear statement that (i.e. an additional opt-in) you want to receive emails from us or our advertisers after such date, then that opt-in statement will override and superscede any earlier opt-out request. Please note that if we have already provided your email address and/or other information to an advertiser or to another third party before we have received your opt-out request, we cannot prevent toose othe adverisers or third parties from sending or continuing to send you information and/or emails and you will need to contact such advertiser or third party directly in order to cease receiving information or emais from them.

Access to Correcting, or Deleting Your Information

If you wish to access, delete and/or correct the information that you have provided to us through our website, please contact us through the Contact Us section of our website or through a written request sent to us by U.S. mail to the Customer Service Manager at the address which is listed above.

If You are a Residents Of Certain States You May Have Special Rights

If you are a resident of California or another state with specific laws that relate to the collection and use of Information, you may have specific rights which are not set forth in this specific policy. For example, California residents have the right to receive upon request: a) information that identifies any third party company(ies) to whom we may have disclosed, within the past calendar year, personal information that pertains to you and/or your family for the company’s direct marketing purposes; and b) a description of the type of categories of personal information that was disclosed. To obtain such information you must make a request to us in writing. Your request must include your name registration (email address), the website name you visited and a return address or it will not be able to be processed. We will not honor such requests more than once in a calendar year. Requests made via email will not be accepted and will not be processed. Please mail your request to Customer Service Manager at the address listed above or the Contact Us page of the website.


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