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Leaf Blower, Backpack

Great portable unit, offers mobility to all parts of your property
Operating Manual for Backpack Blower
Blower should be used carefully and not directed at children or pets.

In order to reduce the risk of fuel spillage and fire from an improperly tightened fuel cap, correctly position and tighten the fuel cap in the fuel tank opening.  To do this with this Stihl cap, raise the grip on the top of the cap until it is upright at at a 90 degree angle.  Insert the cap in the fuel tank opening with the triangular marks on the grip of the cap and on the fuel tank opening lining up.  Using the grip, turn the cap firmly clockwise as far as it will to (approx. a quarter turn.)  Fold the grip flush with the top of the cap.  If the grip does not lie completely flush with the cap the detent on the grip does not fit in the corresponding recess in the filler opening, the cap is not properly seated and tightened and you must repeat the above steps.

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